Linen Backless Tie Top


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  • Charcoal XS-M
  • Black XS-M
  • Pink XS-M
  • Silver XS-M
  • Denim XS-M $70.00
  • Natural (cream)

Seamless double layered luxurious 100% linen tops. Tie bows or knots around the arms and torso, flexible free size. Perfect for keeping breezy in summer or layered in winter.

When taken care of, pure linen will last almost a lifetime and soften beautifully as it ages. It breathes in summer, keeps in heat during winter and is also hypo - allergenic, making it gentle against the skin.

Measurements Extra Small - Medium

Approx length: 25cm with straps on each side going over the shoulders measuring 40cm each
Approx width: 65cm with straps going across the back measuring 40cm on each side

Please enquire for custom sizing and orders.

* Please note that the charcoal colour variation is a linen/cotton blend