Charlie Hillhouse X Homejob Book



40 page book of photographic images shot by Charlie Hillhouse.

Thick gloss paper folded and bound with metal clips bound by the artists themselves.

Features soft sculptures created and made by Emika Kazama. Modelled by herself and Wendy Ma.

Emika’s soft sculptures were initially produced to explore the idea of textiles serving our bodies as a second skin. Since their initial conception, the project has continued over the course of 18 months, during which approximately sixty pairs of stockings sourced from second-hand stores have been repurposed to take on round and bodily shapes that amass to a sizeable pile of flesh-like structures. Captured in photographic form amongst human bodies in domestic spaces, the round, repeated motif that characterises the stocking strands reference the abject nature of the human body and its capacity to become altered not only by what textiles adorn it, but what it organically produces as by-products of what we consume – growths, lesions, ulcers. The curious juxtaposition of real flesh against (almost) perfectly rounded synthetic surfaces articulates a playful and comforting marriage between the organic and inorganic, and the real and fake.

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